Meet Our ATWE Team

Nate Hope


Nate Hope is a lifelong resident of Windsor-Essex, growing up on the outskirts of Essex before moving to Windsor to work with the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative. With a passion for municipal policy and neighbourhood empowerment, Nate loves his community and is driven to improve the lives of those around him. In 2019, Nate worked with others to organize advocacy to improve consultation around the More than Transit Master Plan. He currently serves as a member of the Transit Windsor Advisory Committee.

Gabriel Ciavaglia


Gabriel is a software developer who is enthusiastic about urban planning and finding strategies to continually improve the City of Windsor and help it achieve the potential that he strongly believes it has. He discovered this passion after researching strategies to improve his city in the game, Cities: Skylines. Since then, he has become more involved in municipal politics and has written a proposal to city council advocating for bus lanes between the University of Windsor and downtown. He is excited to bring this passion to Activate Transit Windsor Essex to help drive positive change in the community.

Bee Zelda


Bee is a podcaster and a community manager for Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League. They immerse themselves in tabletop gaming online and in person, utilizing their platform to highlight marginalized voices and organize charity events through gaming. They are professional Dungeons and Dragon player and GM. They specialize in social media management and community engagement, and they are excited to bring these skills to Activate Transit Windsor Essex.

Christine Fitzpatrick


Born and raised in Windsor, Christine spent many years working in a variety of animal care work, including managing and teaching at equestrian stables across Southwestern Ontario, and working with area wildlife rehabilitators. She is passionate about advocating for mental health care access, affordable housing and environmental issues including public transit access, campaigning for strong leadership at all levels of government.