About Us

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Advocating for the use and advancement of an interconnected transit system in Windsor Essex




Our Values

Activate Transit Windsor Essex is guided by the following values:

Participatory Democracy

We believe that the more citizens are involved, the better public transit system we will have. We are pluralists. We believe that innovation is a function of democratic strength. We believe that democratic strength depends on cultivating collective awareness about issues. We believe that democracy goes beyond just voting for elected officials: democracy can and should take place at all stages of the policy-making process. We believe in leveraging 21st century technology to make this happen.

Quality Of Life
Evidence-based Decision-making
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Activate Transit Windsor Essex is a grassroots advocacy group working for a more accessible and sustainable transportation system in Windsor and Essex County.

We are building a coalition of community leaders, transit riders and public transit advocates. Our goal is to amplify the voices of community members calling for a transportation system that works for everyone.

Windsor was once a leader in the country for public transit innovation. It was here that the 1st electric streetcar in Canada was installed to connect these communities. After World War II, Windsor developed as an auto-centric city and became known as the “Automotive Capital of Canada”. Public transit no longer plays the prominent role it once did: as of the 2016 census, only 3.3% of commuters in the Windsor CMA use public transit as their mode of getting to work, compared to 14.5% for Ontario.

There is a shift happening in our region and a growing recognition that public transit investment is necessary for the future of our region's economic, environmental and community well-being. In 2019 the city of Windsor put out 2 ambitious plans that help address this need. Our goal is to hold leadership to account, to ensure public transit remains a priority for our region, and to organize citizen-led conversations about our collective vision for the future of public transit in Windsor

Find out more about the city's plans by clicking the links below or click here to get involved.